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Driving all friggin day

I just got back from taking Mia to visit her mom for the summer. We meet in this tiny little inkblot on the map called Opelika, Alabama. Traffic was gridlocked on I-85 in southern Georgia for mile after endless mile, and my car doesn't have air-conditioning. I managed to time the trip back perfectly to hit rush hour traffic in Atlanta, a city I feel should be airlifted out of the US and dropped somewhere in the Sahara. From a great height. Plus Mia's gone for the summer, which I'll enjoy for about two days and then get lonely. A bummer of a day, all told.

At least I got the fancy hardware that lets me post pictures from a digital camera. Tomorrow I'll try to post an exciting picture of a jellyfish, and also one of Mia staring down a berserker spider crab.

In the meantime, have a bit of awesome from those wacky folks at the Giant Crystal Project. Because who doesn't love big-ass crystals?

(Mad props to orrin for finding this first.)